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Obama uronë me rastin e Ditës Kombëtare të Shqipërisë 

Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State

Washington, DC

November 25, 2016

On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I am pleased to congratulate the people of Albania as you celebrate the 104th anniversary of your nation’s independence on November 28.

The United States and Albania enjoy a long history of friendship and cooperation. Your country is a growing force for regional and global security, and the United States deeply appreciates your contributions to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, Operation Resolute Support, and KFOR. We also appreciate your strong commitment to countering violent extremism and promoting peace throughout the Western Balkans.

In the years ahead, the United States looks forward to continued collaboration, particularly in support of your progress towards joining the European Union.

On this special day, I send my best wishes for a happy, prosperous, and safe future for all Albanians.

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